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Cole County Special Services (CCSS)

Case Management is a long-term program provided to eligible individuals in First Steps to adult. Case Managers meet with individuals on a regular basis to assist with the goals outlined in the individual's Person Centered Plan. Upon eligibility and assignment of a case manager, the individual or the individual's guardian will be contacted as soon as possible to begin services and to identify and plan for the individual's needs. Planning, advocacy, linking, and referring to resources are provided to each program participant. Case Management makes these referrals to connect the individual to various community resources including accessing food pantries, housing assistance, social activities, transportation, employment, placement and other related resources.

The Cole County Special Services Case Management program was established on August 4, 2003. The Associate Executive Director works with case managers to accommodate the growing caseloads. Each Case Manager works with 35 to 40 clients. CCSS currently serves approximately 330 clients in residential placement, ISLs, and natural home settings.



To be eligible for most services, an individual must have a disability.

Admission Criteria:


Services Provided:


  • Which is attributable to:
    • mental retardation
    • cerebral palsy
    • epilepsy
    • head injury
    • autism
    • or a learning disability related to a brain dysfunction or any other mental or physical impairment or combination of the two.
  • With onset before the person attains the age of 22.
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely.
  • Which substantially limits two or more of the following major life activities:
    • self-care
    • receptive and expressive language development and use
    • learning
    • mobility
    • self direction
    • capacity for independent living or economic self sufficiency.
  • Applicant must have a developmental disability and reside within Cole County.
  • Eligibility determination is completed by the Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Connecting and building relationships with program participants, families, and parents or guardians.
  • Assessment of strengths and needs.
  • Planning for services and supports.
  • Advocacy (IEP process, guardianships, etc.)
  • Seek and develop natural supports within the community.
  • Referrals to other agencies and services.
  • Family Support and Respite for those who qualify.
  • Smaller, personalized caseloads with county based case managers.

Persons Served:


If you or someone you know is a Cole County resident who has been receiving services at Central Missouri Regional Office or any other Regional Office, you are eligible to receive services through Cole County Special Services.

Referrals & Fees:


Referrals to Cole County Special Services for children in First Steps to adult may be made by the individual, school district officials, state agency representatives, physicians, or other interested parties. If you feel you have a disability that would qualify you for services, you may contact a case manager at Cole County Special Services at (573) 634-4555.

CCSS operates all programs on a cost-for-service basis. A combination of third-party payment, direct payments, or donated funds are available, depending on the individual served and the services needed.

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